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We provide Emergency Care Services for all of our farmer and pet owning clients across the Ballina area. We always ensure that a Vet is available to deal with your pet or farm emergency 24/7 as we know how worrying it is if they are sick or injured.  As we provide our own emergency veterinary cover the Vet you see when the office is closed has complete access to your pet's or farm's medical records.

In an emergency, ring the practice on (096) 70586 and we will give you the advice you need to transport your pet safely to the clinic. If you have an emergency during office hours, we will be there to help you, but please do phone us first to let us know you are on your way. 

Be careful that you do not to get bitten or injured helping your pet. 

When the office is closed there is a Veterinary Surgeon on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for our clients. Please call (087) 2542660 to contact the duty Vet.

If the on call Veterinary Surgeon cannot answer the phone immediately your call will be diverted to our voicemail service. Please leave your name and phone number and details of your emergency. We will return your call as soon as is possible as we may not have our hands free at the time you call.

Emergency number when the office is closed: (087) 2542660

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